Why you need a guide to enjoy Puglia

Puglia is full of attractions and things to do from majestic castles to medieval cathedrals to enchanting top-hill towns. These beautiful attractions draw thousands of visitors to the region each year. Well, that and Puglia’s amazing cuisine and restaurant scene. So a guide to enjoy Puglia and your trip to Southern Italy, can give you a richer, deeper understanding of the spots you visit.

Puglia has had, since ancient times, mixed influences from the West and the East. Its strategic position as the natural southern border between Western Europe and Greece, made it a bridge to the East. Since Roman times has been known for its olive oil, wheat and wine. In the Middle Ages then, the crusaders sailed from Bari, Trani and Barletta to the Middle-East.

Besides you can’t officially say you’ve been to Italy’s southernmost region if you haven’t tried these foods straight at the source: burrata, focaccia, mozzarella, orecchiette, extra virgin olive oil, taralli and Primitivo wine.

So it takes a passionate, local guide to understand the rich history, to admire the hidden corners and eat in selected family-run restaurants. Besides you’ll make the most out of your time and get the best possible experience.
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