The fascinating coast of Puglia between cathedrals and beaches

Puglia and the sea retract a combination that has entered the collective imagination. Now even foreign tourists know the fascinating coast of Puglia between cathedrals and beaches. We are talking about 860 km of coastline with breathtaking views, white beaches, caves and crystal clear sea.

The Apulian coast shows towers, real sentinels along the coast. They built small turrets for the need to fortify the coast, for enemy sighting. Most are in ruins, while others have been renovated, but represent stone sentinels over the sea. The presence of Norman, Swabian and Aragonese castles has the same function to defend the cities.

The famous cathedrals overlooking the sea are splendid. Among the most famous ones you find them in Trani, Giovinazzo and the basilica of San Nicola in Bari. Furthermore, the historic ports, from Vieste to Monopoli, up to Otranto and Gallipoli, are the prelude to ancient villages, where you can breathe in all the fishing culinary tradition.

When you need to choose where to go to the beach in Puglia the first distinction to make, is between the Adriatic coast and the Ionian coast. The first one, in fact, propose above all rocks. Whereas the Ionian coast has long stretches of fine, clear sand. In both cases, however, the sea is always crystal clear. This will mean, then, that during the summer period families with children could prefer the locations overlooking the Ionian Sea to spend quiet days at the seaside. The Adriatic side, however, is perfect for those who prefer a slightly wilder type of coast.

Therefore Puglia is a sunny region between two seas and warm hospitality in places rich in history. Check out our week tour of Puglia for a beautiful itinerary of the fascinating coast of Puglia between cathedrals, beaches and more.